What is the No. 1 reason why businesses fail? Sales.

We, your virtual outpost, provide exactly the tools necessary to realise your sales goals. From fine tuning your value proposition to opening reseller channels in Germany, from creating press coverage to gain brand awareness. Our activities are focused on one objective only: your sales.

We assist you entering a new market for your company by developing and implementing a smart go-to-market strategy and sales and marketing programs for your company:

  • To introduce your products and your services to the market
  • To open all relevant sales channels respectively the channels you want to work with
  • To maximize your potential profits
  • To help you to recruit your own sales force for the future, if you want
  • To start gaining awareness and market share for your brand and product

Virtual Outpost provides you with a cost effective alternative to the long-lead times required to recruit a seasoned sales and marketing manager.

This enhances your company’s ability to reach time-to-market and revenue objectives. Missing a market window by months alone can already have a dramatic affect on your company’s position.