Employment History Stefan Mennecke

From 1990 to 1993 Stefan Mennecke worked for Digital Equipment and sold UNIX based computer hardware and software. Before that he participated in a trainee program at Nixdorf Computer AG. Stefan studied parallel to his job at Digital Equipment marketing communication at the Hanover Marketing Academy.

From 1993 to 1996 Stefan was Marketing Communications and Channel Marketing Manager at miro Computer Products,
a Germany based, leading manufacturer of graphic accelerator boards, video editing and sound boards as well as computer monitors.

1997 and 1998 Stefan was Sales & Marketing Manager at iiyama Electric, a Japan based, leading manufacturer of computer monitors and LC Displays.

1999 Stefan was Marketing Manager Central Europe at Nokias IT Division, a leading manufacturer of computer monitors and
LC Displays.

From 2000 to 2002 Stefan was at iobox, a start up from Finland, which developed and sold added values for mobile phones,
for example SMS based products. With Stefan as Vice President Sales & Marketing Germany the company grew in Germany to 2.000.000 users of its products.

From 2002 until November 2004, Stefan was co-founder and Vice President Sales & Marketing Germany of Wireless LAN AG (later Swisscom Eurospot). Wireless LAN AG grew during this period to be the leading Wireless LAN operator in Germany in
4 and 5 hotels.

In January 2005, Stefan established Virtual Outpost, a consulting company focusing on assisting international companies in making their entry on the German market. Virtual Outpost supports a broad range of customers, e.g. a China based company which is operating in the hotel industry or a German company, developing desk sharing software.

In 2006 Stefan started a full time project as Managing Director to support a company, which operates the biggest german speaking websites regarding the Golf sport, which ended in autumn 2008. End of 2008 the company will have almost doubled its key figures, revenue and page impressions coming from both websites.