Your Interimsmanager

Starting up an IT or internet related business in Germany? Thinking about creating a website and e-commerce shop from scratch?

Looking for distribution channels in Germany, like broadline or specialised distributors, mailorder companies, retail chains and systemhouses?

Don´t know how to get press coverage and brand awareness in Germany?

No clue how to set up a local website or an extranet for resellers in Germany?

Don´t know how to reach revenue forecast that soon?

Even the best strategy to enter a new market can fail or success can be heavily delayed when insight in the local market, insider knowledge about the most frequently used channels and an intact network of relevant contacts are missing.

Our goal is to get you placed faster on the market than you ever thought possible. Contact us to get your head start and deals done in Germany by using our experience.

Don´t wait, but start up your business by creating your virtual outpost in Germany now – we will be of valuable help for you!